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Hi, I’m Lucy, a keen railway modeller. I’ve had an interest in Model Railways since I was four years old, when my parents built a layout at home. From an early age my Dad would take me to New Street Station, where I was blown away by the size and noise of loco hauled trains and HST’s. As I grew up, model railways and their prototype never left me, and as I reached my teens I found myself traveling the country by train with my camera in hand.

At the age of twelve, I joined my local model railway club, where I met some great (and not so great) people. I learned new skills within the club and was able to practice them on club layouts. Most of my pocket money was spent in my local model shop, and full length trains were soon running on the clubs 40ft layout.

When I turned eighteen I was unexpectedly asked to join the committee as Publicity Officer, which I proudly accepted, and held for a four year term before moving to the role of Honorary Secretary. Sadly, work forced me to move from the area and I had to stand down.

Since 2006 I have owned and managed Modellers Mecca in Kingswinford, West Midlands. A job which I’ve really enjoyed from day one, and one that has made me so many great like minded friends!

In 2013, I decided I wanted to push my skills further, venturing into P4. Having been greatly inspired by Jim Smith-Wright’s Birmingham New Street and Phil Eames’s Calcutta Sidings, I concluded that I wanted to build a real location, preferably within the West Midlands for ease of access etc. After much researching on Google Earth, I finally decided on Walsall, as the veriety of stock passing through from Bescot gives great operational and viewing interest. What was originally planned as a 16ft layout, has now (in plan form) grown to nearly 40ft.

My spare time is spent modelling, whether it be for my own layout and stock, or on commission for someone else.

Thank you for taking the time to read a little about me and how I got here. Please bookmark my blog and check back weekly for updates.


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  1. This is a very interesting project particularly for me, as I am also building a layout of Walsall! (But 4mm 'OO' gauge) My focus is on Walsalls 'heyday' which I consider to be early 20's pre-group era. I shall eagerly await to see how you approach modelling 'The Subway' as I have given much thought to how I intend to do this myself!

    1. Hi Brian,
      Thanks for commenting on my blog. A lot changed in the 70 year time gap between our eras. It'll be interesting to see how different our approaches to Walsall are.

      1. Hi Lucy,

        My pleasure! Indeed Walsall has changed. The most drastic changes being as I grew up! I'm sure your approach will be far more professional as I do tend to dabble in too many sub-projects. If by any chance you need any historic information I would be very happy to help if I can!

  2. Hi Lucy,

    Just signed up to your blog. i visit your shop frequently and i think its fantastic.just like you i used to go to Birmingham by rail nearly every saturday. for me it was the 1970's blue period and i used to travel there with my family. i used to love The Deltics in particular.

    I found your blog through the artical in BRM- great to read and see!

    i look forward to seeing more on the progress of your project.


    Alan carter

    1. Hi Alan,

      Thanks for leaving a lovely comment about the shop. I've had lots of positive feedback from the article by Phil Parker in BRM Magazine. Progress is slow due to other commitments, but I'm sure we all have that problem. :s

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