Bescot - St. Blazey 37's

Cliffe Vale to St. Blazey ‘Clayliner’

This week my thoughts have turned to train formations, and in particular, the 6V70 Cliffe Vale to St. Blazey china clay working. Research has found that after the closure of the Bescot Curve in March 1993, the service was forced to go north via Walsall from Bescot, before heading south via the sutton park line and Washwood Heath. This is perfect for the time period I’m modelling, and I can now make use of a handful of the new Bachmann Polybulks.
The variation of wagons in the rake would often vary, but usually consisted of Polybulks and Clay Tigers. In addition, a VGA van or Cargowaggon would be added where bagged clay needed to be transported.
Power was normally provided by a pair of 37’s, although as many as four have been photographed, or a class 47. I’m planning on using a pair of ViTrains 37/4’s for this project, as I’m new to P4, and they are an easier conversion to start with than the Bachmann variety. Both will be in Railfreight Distribution triple grey livery, and suitably weathered.

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  1. In 1995 to 96 I was at University in Stoke. Aside from being a massive waste of time one of the few highlights was sitting on the bridge at Cliffe Vale watching the 37s shunting thier train of clay tigers. Towards the end of my time thier class 60s started to appear.

    Do you know if Kernow still intend to do thier tigers?


    1. Yes, they are still planning to produce these but they are on hold for the time being. They have released the later version already (post 2000). I'm planning to stick to late '93 and early '94, so the 60's wouldn't be on this service at that time. Thanks for the comment.

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