Planning Walsall in P4

Late last year, I decided to take the plunge into P4, and after much researching decided to build a scale model of Walsall Station down to Corporation Street and Tasker Street sidings. Walsall offers an interesting verity of locos and stock for operational and viewing interest, with a large amount of Bescot’s freight traffic passing through. The plan, originally 16ft long, now spans nearly 40ft with the addition of Tasker Street sidings. It’s certainly a long-term project!

The original plan was only 16ft long.
The original plan was only 16ft long.

The period I’ve always modeled is early 1990’s, but during this period Tasker Street (Walsall Freight Terminal as it was later known) was in an unused state. It wasn’t until EWS re-opened the sidings in the late 90’s, as an overflow for Wolverhampton Steel Terminal, that traffic again entered the terminal. After more thought and research, I decided to stick with the period of 1992/1993, as I would lose some interesting freight on the through line when gaining the later freight terminal.

Now extended to nearly 40ft long
Now extended to nearly 40ft long

The planning and basic research has already taken four months, and I’m sure it will be a while before construction of the first baseboards will commence. None the less, an exciting project!

3 thoughts on “Planning Walsall in P4”

  1. Sounds like a good project to be getting on with Lucy. There has certainly been a lot of cracking freights through Walsall over the years, Nukes, The Bloxwich tripper, Washwood heath sleepers, double headed tractors to name a few.

  2. Good stuff

    I found it good when I was happy with a layout p,an to then sit on it for a couple of months . When you come back to it any errors really stand out.



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