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Calcutta Sidings at Wigan Finescale Show

Wigan Finescale Show has always been one of those model railway shows that I hear great things about, but due to the distance I’ve never made the effort to go. So when I was invited by Phil Eames to operate on Calcutta Sidings it gave me a perfect excuse to experience the show.

Operating Calcutta requires eight operators to keep things moving and the public entertained. The group of operators are a friendly and welcoming bunch and the ever entertaining, Paul Wade of Tonbridge West Yard fame, was his normal mischievous self!

The layout was well received by the general public, although I did get asked a couple of silly questions.

“Is that Hornby track?”

Sadly, I didn’t get much chance to look around the show or take photos. The quality of the layouts that I did see was excellent, and I’d recommend the show to anyone thinking of going next year. I may even make the journey myself.

Time operating the layout always goes quickly and before I knew it, it was time to pack it all away. I only managed to snap a few photos!