Walsall in Templot

Having used Templot in the past, I’ve always struggled to complete the simplest of track plans due to its complicated interface. I have since then spent hours ‘messing’, and reading online tutorials from the Templot website. Although I’m still no expert, all of a sudden it just clicked, and I was soon finishing the track plan of Walsall. It helps, I think, to forget everything you learned about computer software and start from scratch.
I used google earth, taking screen shots of the area, then patched them all together in Photoshop. Once I had a JPEG of the entire area of the planned layout, I worked out the scale and imported it into Templot.

Now extended to nearly 40ft long
Screen shots from Google Earth, joined in Photoshop.

I then added the track design on top of the background, including the single slip which was the most difficult to master. Walsall in P4, although a large sized layout, is thankfully simple as far as turnouts go. There are only a few points and one single slip in the 40ft track plan. This was another plus when deciding on where to model, as I didn’t want any overly complex point work to build.

Track design over background image in Templot.
Track design over the background image in Templot.

Most of the track work at Walsall station was relayed when the track plan was altered, at the time when the shopping centre was built in the 70’s. The newly laid track was all concrete sleeper, and a visit to the location will be needed to see where the concrete finishes and the wooden sleepers start, but that’s for the future!

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  1. Its quite amazing how Templot just suddenly falls into place – for ages it seemed to me very ponderous and laborious, then all of a sudden it all made sense! Think I got there in the end by the simple expedient of playing with it – a lot! Smashing project I'm going to be following this one 😉

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